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Found 7 results

  1. We have released ASDG Super Cub HOTFIX Update 1.12. You can download the hotfix through Aerosim Store or the .Org store shortly. Thanks
  2. Rush announced in Discord (https://discordapp.com/invite/0yKu3iXWkrK9ftbF) that the 1.1 Super Cub update is coming! Tomorrow if you purchased on Aerosimulations.com, and 'shortly after' on the org store. 'Shortly after' = Soon™ = in the very near future, once through the org store wickets. He's going to be streaming tomorrow at 1p Eastern US/CAN, so stop by and check it out! http://twitch.tv/aerosimgaming ... and if you miss it, you can check out the VOD on his channel > videos. Attached is the maintenanceVersion_1.1_Maintenance_Report.pdf report for the update.
  3. Whiskeysim

    Rotate MD-80 v1.3 Pro released

    Get the new Rotate MD-80 v1.3 Pro here. This update, is free for all users already owning a license of the previous version. I t is compatible with X Plane 11beta*, as well as for X Plane 10.51 and up (support for previous versions has been dropped). It includes a lot of new features. LNAV and VNAV have been completely reworked and the FMS includes new pages like PROGRESS and HOLD and offers support for ARINC424 instructions (DME arcs, Procedural turns, conditional waypoints, VECTORS, …). Vertical profile is computed with time, fuel consumption and altitude predictions. Navigation Display draws the route with calculated curve transitions according to speed predictions. Virtually all the instruments and controls are now interactive, and mousewheel control is available for the relevant manipulators. Many new systems have been simulated with great realism, and others tuned up. Rotate MD-80 v1.3 Pro offers a complex and immersing simulation experience: full preflight routines and complete route planning, or engine fire failures, ending with a complete engines out emergency landing. Situations where details, like the hydraulic accumulators, or the brake temperature readings, can be appreciated. *Full compatibility can not be guaranteed as long as X-Plane 11 is in beta, so be aware that this X-Plane beta compatible version is a beta version itself. Here the complete feature list: Flight characteristics: Precise flight model Fine tuned engine performance Developed with the help of two MD-80 pilots Custom systems: Engines: Accurate PW-JT8D-219 model Engine Starting and Ignition System Engine Oil System Fuel Distribution, Heat and Quantity Indication Thrust Reversers Automatic Reserve Thrust Thrust Rating Panel Engine Display Panel Systems Display Panel Electrical System: Power Generating and Distribution System Battery and bus monitor system Emergency Power System Ground Power Unit Hydraulic System: Rudder and Elevator HYD/MAN operation Ground Pneumatic System Reversers and Brakes Accumulators Air System: Pneumatics Air Conditioning and Distribution with Ground Operation and In-flight Pneumatics Cockpit and Cabin Temperature Control APU On-Ground Air Conditioning Airplane Pressurization Ground Pressure Supply for on ground A/C operation Automatic Flight, navigation and FMS: Dual IRS alignment rutine, NAV and ATT modes Custom LNAV and VNAV. Climb, cruise and descend management with altitude and speed restrictions. ARINC424 instructions support Performance management, with complete VNAV profile calculation, including T/C, T/D, and time, fuel and altitude predictions Lateral Navigation: NAV, VOR/LOC, ILS Vertical Navigation: VNAV, VERT SPD, IAS/MACH, ALT HLD Speed modes: SPD and MACH sel, EPR LIM, FMS OVRD All autopilot readouts simulated Flight Mode Annunciator All EPR modes Flight planning, navigation, performance management and airplane guidance FMS pages: IDENT POS INIT RTE page with VIA and DIRECT selection, DISContinuity detection and CO ROUTE LEGS with insertion and deletion capabilities and RTE DATA DIRect TO waypoint DEPartures and ARRivals pages with SIDs and STARs (third party database included) PERFormance page with BURN SCHED, WIND/TEMP corrections and calculated remaining fuel CLIMB page with estimated times and restrictions and CLB DIR function CRUISE page DESCENT page with SPEED/PATH, DES NOW and DES DIR modes TAKEOFF REF and APPROACH REF with automatic V-Speeds calculation HOLD page with entry pattern calculation and Present POS PROGRESS pages with pilot selectable waypoint Save and load route options Aircraft Management page Custom PFD and ND with curved transitions and MAG/TRU operation Accurate navigation instruments and displays Weather Radar and TCAS with TA/RA advisories Complete Engine Fire Detection and Extinguishing simulation Simulated Tests: DFGC, Altitude, Engine Fire, APU Fire, GPWS, Windshear, Flight Recorder, Voice Recorder, TCAS, Brake Temp, Stall, Anti-Skid, LED/Annunciators Controls: Slat/Flap controls with Dial-a-Flap selection wheel Vertical trim control with Take-off Condition Computer Hide yoke option Hyperrealistic visuals: Highly detailed 3D cockpit, passenger cabin and exterior model, with accurate animations Accurate control surfaces animations with control tabs. Precise wing flex animation Thorough 4K texture work Normal and specular maps 10 High quality liveries (Air Liberté, Alitalia, Allegiant, American Airlines, British Island Airlines Delta Airlines 1, Delta Airlines 2, German Wings, Iberia, Scandinavian Airlines) Cockpit crew modelled Paint-Kit 4K Lights: Cockpit flood lamps and thunderstorm lights Cockpit instruments, text and digital lights Panel flood lights Overhead panel flood light Wing lights with off, on and deployed positions, and nose lights Nav, strobe and anti-collision lights Exterior flood lights, wing and nacelle lights. Sounds: Custom 3D sound engine with stereo and doppler effects High quality multi-layered engine sounds Wind and control surfaces sounds Cockpit sounds: varied switches and knobs, avionics and Air Conditioning, tests and alerts,…
  4. Whiskeysim

    SPSO Pisco Intl V2.0 - Released

    SPSO Pisco Intl. V2 has been finalized and is being sent to the stores Owners of the previous version should re-download the new files from the Store/ Manage Purchases tab. If you haven't picked up SPSO yet now is a good as time as any! Take a look at it on our store below! NEW FEATURES: 200 sq/km of 1mt/px photoscenery now cover the area extensive use of decal textures give high resolution scenes at very low altitudes City of Pisco fully hand built based on real buildings including schools, parks, industrial zones, malls and the town square there are many details left for you to explore HDR lighting placed based on real life light sources road networks have been imported from Open Street Maps Custom animated road and airport traffic Charts Screenshots & Media
  5. Hey AeroSim members, looks like the Flight Factor boys have been working hard on version 2 of their Boeing 757. Currently the update is not released at the time of writing this. However den_rain has said the update will take a couple weeks for release which makes us think it will be ready and released with X-Plane 11. We can't wait to get our hands on this latest update! We'll keep you posted! Purchase & Download: Currently not available at the time of posting. Has been removed from the X-Plane store? Additional Information: General • Officially licensed by the Boeing © Corporation. • Suitable for beginners - Quick start(start with all systems ready), tutorial modes and auto procedures. • Great for advanced users - Complex systems are simulated. • Includes both Rolls-Royce and Pratt & Whitney engine types Custom cockpit interaction system • Adjustable modes for cockpit interaction, you chose what to use for clicks • Different cockpit interaction modes, with mouse wheel and right button support • In-cockpit tooltips from the manual - you click on the button and see portions of the manual on display • In-cockpit life datarefs for cockpit building Options • A very flexible architecture – you chose the set up • Different options for many avionics instruments including two types of FMC. • Options to composite your own EICAS, EADI and EHSI displays. • Most of the options that the real 757 fleet has are included. • Many additional options for sounds, cockpit interaction, effects etc. Interactive Checklists, Procedures, and auto-helper (Exclusive feature) • Full electronic interactive checklists and procedures with automatic action detection. • Automatic mode – a “helper” who performs all the actions for you, you just CHECK the items. • A tutorial which shows the user what to do and when. • An option to have a visual aid on what and when to do in procedures. Flight model • Accurate flight model, as close as it gets to real performance. Tested by real pilots. • An dynamic and customizable center of gravity that depends on actual cargo, passenger placement and burning fuel in flight. Fully Functional Professional FMS and EFIS System • Custom designed Flight Management Computer, integrated with other plane systems. • Terminal procedures from updatable database. • Two independent analogue instrument sets for captain and first officer. • Two independently simulated EFIS (EADI/EHSI configuration) for captain and first officer. • Dual-FMS with two independently working CDUs. • Working instrument comparators. • Triple IRS and triple symbol generator systems with realistic instrument source switching. • Dual air-data computers with custom failure modes and source switching. • Independent 2 nav and an ils receivers. • Realistic inertial and radio position updating, you can see the individual inaccuracies of those systems. • Triple-channel autopilot with realistic dependencies. • Fail operational and fail passive autoland with mode degradations based on system failures. • Load company routes generated by Professional Flight Planner X (or other compatible programs) directly into the FMC. • FMC can be used on external touchscreen or tablet, optimized for the Retina iPad. Custom Systems and Failure model • Detailed and deep simulation of almost every system in the real aircraft. • Custom air and pressure system. • Electrical system with all AC and DC busses modelled - see which system depends on which bus. • Hydraulic system that uses a little fluid when treated correctly and a lot of fluid if used incorrectly. • Multistage custom failure system - over 200 more failures than X-Plane. (Exclusive feature) • Ability to fix failure by following proper procedure. • Persistent failure and maintenance system – aircraft wear and misuse will carry over to your next flight. Warning system and radars (Exclusive feature) • Fully functional GPWS with all the modes the real plane has. • Fully functional terrain radar, with custom database (just like the real plane), a look-ahead warning system and many other features. • Weather radar that works like the real thing. Including tilt and gain functions, ground clutter, turbulence detection and windshear prediction. 3D Modeling • Accurate dimensions based on exterior drawings provided by Boeing. • Very detailed exterior modelling with high resolution textures. • Very high resolution 3D cockpit with every switch functional. • Spatial rain simulation with high detail. • Very detailed passenger cabin graphics including galleys. • Additional graphic features: real working oxygen masks both in cockpit and cabin, dynamic window blinds that react to sunlight etc. • New and improved wingflex. Special effects (Exclusive features) • Multilayer dynamic reflections on all glass objects. • Glow effects on screens • Reflective metal and plastic objects in the cockpit. • Glossy exterior that reflects the outside. • XP weather enhancements like custom windshear. Custom Sounds (Exclusive features) • Two sound pack by BSS for both engines. • Several hundred custom sounds. • In-cockpit custom sounds. • Switches with individual sounds. • Many individual system sound inside and outside. • Airport environment sounds. • Cabin sounds. • 3D stereo sound system for engines. • In flight cabin announcements. • Interactive communication with the cabin crew (reporting misconfigurations and passenger comfort problems). On Screen menus (Exclusive features) • An ipad-like menu popping-up from the cockpit. • Custom pages for loading/unloading fuel, cargo and passengers, customizing the CG, calling for pushback and performing maintenance. • Ability to customize the plane with winglets, special effects level, wingflex level and set other options to be saved or default. • Ground equipment and door pages. • Failure monitoring menu. Extra objects • Working push-back truck - Fully controllable with your joystick. • Passenger bus and stairs or optional gate configuration (passengers can be loaded from gate instead of bus). • Fuel truck, de-Icing truck, GPU, ground-start units both visible and fully functional with airplane systems. • Other ground equipment. Liveries • 7 default liveries included in the package. • About 50 additional liveries available separately. Screenshots & Media:
  6. Whiskeysim

    FS2Crew PMDG 777 Update 3 - Released

    Hey Enthusiasts, The guys over at FS2Crew have released update 3 for the PMDG777. If you don't have FS2Crew yet and you want to check it out you can do so by checking out this link at SimMarket.com for those of you that do have it, you can find more information on this update below! Purchase & Download FS2CREW - PMDG 777 CAPTAIN'S SET FSX P3D - 39.95 EUR FS2CREW - PMDG 777 EDITION FSX P3D - 29.95 EUR FS2CREW - PMDG 777 GLOBAL FO VOICE SET FSX P3D - 14.95 EUR Additional Information The Version 3.0 update has been released! This is a FREE and significant update. All FS2Crew 777 users should install it. VERSION 3.0 IS BUILT INTO THE MAIN INSTALLER ONLY. YOU WILL NEED TO LOGIN TO YOUR FS2CREW ACCOUNT AND RE-DOWNLOAD THE MAIN INSTALLER AGAIN. LOGIN TO YOUR FS2CREW ACCOUNT AND CLICK "COMPLETED ORDERS". IF YOU PURCHASED VIA A 3RD PARTY VENDOR LIKE SIMMARKET, ETC., PLEASE REDOWNLOAD THE MAIN INSTALLER VIA THEM DIRECTLY. PLEASE GIVE THEM A FEW DAYS TO UPDATE THE FILE ON THEIR SYSTEM. YOU DO NOT NEED TO UNINSTALL FS2CREW 777 FIRST. IF YOU REQUIRE ASSISTANCE, SEND US A SUPPORT TICKET VIA: WWW.FS2CREW.COM CHANGE LOG: VERSION 3.0 SEPTEMBER 29 2016 FIXED: Select sound files updated UK Global Voice set issue fixed (Note: there is not need to re-install the Global FO Voice set as the fix is inside the main program itself) Touch and go bug fixed during 2nd circuit After landing flow with spoiler as trigger fixed (Button Control) Screenshots & Media
  7. Whiskeysim

    Active Sky 16 / ASCA Hotfix 4

    Hey Enthusiasts, Active Sky 2016 Hotfix 4 has been officially released! This update includes several fixes and enhancements based on user feedback, and also includes Prepar3D v3.4 compatibility (AS16 for P3D). HF4 is a recommended update for all AS16 users and is available for download now from http://www.hifisimtech.com/downloads. In addition, Hotfix 4 for ASCA (general fixes) and Hotfix 04202016 for ASN for P3D (v3.4 compatibility) have also been released. AS16 represents the culmination of 16 years of weather simulation engine development! New In-Cloud Motion Effects, Weather Scenarios System, Airborne Weather Radar, P3D v3 Visibility Smoothing and Volumetric Fog Integration, Navigraph Data Integration, Re-designed Map-based Custom Weather Editing System, Universal Web Companion App, an Improved Mapping System and a High-Latitude Cloud Squeeze Fix are just a few of the new features to debut in this brand new version of Active Sky. Beyond the many new features, AS16 also extends and improves all aspects of weather simulation and depiction, from data parsing, to synthesis, interpolation, depiction, performance, and everything in-between, your entire weather experience will be more realistic than ever before. ASCA is a new kind of graphics add-on for Flight Simulator X (Boxed or SE) and Prepar3D that incorporates brand new technologies and content types to transform your skies and significantly increase realism, variation and dynamics. The technology behind ASCA includes optional tight integration with Active Sky 2016 to enable features such as Real-Time Texture Dynamics, which allow you to manually change or have your textures automatically changed multiple times throughout a flight without needed to shut-down and restart your simulator! Also included with ASCA are brand new 3D cloud structures, a first for FSX/P3D! While ASCA and AS16 work great together, they are also fully compatible (either alone or together) with any other graphics add-on and weather add-on. You have full flexibility to mix and match any aspect and selectable feature set within these add-ons. Visit www.hifisimtech.com, www.activesky16.com and/or www.activeskycloudart.com for more!