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    I´m very sad

    Thats very sad for him. My thoughts are with him. i don´t know why the Org don´t give me a refund.... Whiskeysim never gets a answer from the Org. So and thats why he told me that i will get a refund via Paypal from ASDG direct.
  2. Neunundachtzig

    I´m very sad

    So whats now? Its been almost a week and nothing happend. And thats is the point why i´m sad and angry.... Promises were made and thene no further communication. I´m waiting almost 2 months for the promised refund. Thats not fair to me and your other costumers.
  3. Neunundachtzig

    I´m very sad

    I send Whiskeysim all the infos that he need but that was a month ago. The first idea was that i get the money back from the Org. Then i tld me that i get my money from Alan via Paypal but after that message no further contact. My messages to Whiskey, Aerosim and Pilotalva where never read.
  4. Neunundachtzig

    I´m very sad

    Hey Guys, i´m a little bit sad about ASDG. On the Org-forum i post somthing about my feelings about the Piper Cub. So there was an announcement from Whiskeysim that i get my money back.... He told me that he ask the store for an refund... there was no answer.... After a few weeks i ask him about the status... he told me that i get my money back on Paypal when i get no message from the Org on the next 24 hours...... There was no message.. so i send him again a small text..... He told me that Alan have to do this refund on my Paypal.. there was no further message so i send him again a message... Since April 25th i got no reaction no money no message.... It is very nice from ASDG that they make an offer to me but it makes me very sad that they break there promise.