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  1. deimos256

    Odd Gauge reflections

    I stand corrected, this seems to be happening on other planes as well. My apologies.
  2. deimos256

    Odd Gauge reflections

    I don't see it with other aircraft, in fact all shadows are fine for this aircraft EXCEPT the gauge bezels. I updated my graphics drivers last night and I'll test it out now while I have some time.
  3. deimos256

    Odd Gauge reflections

    Update- I did another flight today and it looks like this effect is actually shadows from the gauges themselves. See the attached pic.
  4. Running the latest version of the Super Cub I am noticing some anomalies with the gauge reflections, these only show up at very specific angles, so getting a picture of them was challenging. One pic attached is of the issue from a normal view and a second shot close up for detail
  5. Same exact thing happening to me.
  6. And therein lies the problem, Austin is incredibly stubborn when it comes to the flight modeling, because god forbid you tell an engineer they are wrong about something.
  7. I remember reading somewhere that the Cub's ground handling is messed up in 11.10 beta and it's a known issue by the developer. The real blame lies with LR as they constantly change the flight model. I still believe the taxiing issues in 11.10 are due to the reworked airflow from the prop over the vertical stabilizer in part. As for the second post issues starting this plane is a separate issue and should have it's own post.
  8. deimos256

    Sim Crashes using Mixture

    I know this plane isn't designed to run in 11.1 but I just thought I'd mention that beta 4 does not alleviate this issue, however using an axis for the mixture causes no issues.
  9. deimos256

    Sim Crashes using Mixture

    Sorry for the wall of text, I work in IT so I can't simply let an issue go without knowing as much about it as I can. I have isolated the crash to the actual mixture key commands, f5 and f6. If you manipulate the mixture via a mapped axis or using the mouse drag, everything is fine. Hope this helps.
  10. deimos256

    Sim Crashes using Mixture

    I'll try it in 11.05. In the meantime I have isolated it to mixture lever movement. Even with the battery off, once I move the mixture to max, as soon as it bring it back the slightest bit, the sim crashes. What's even more interesting is if I do a clean install of the plane, activate, then reload the aircraft, for that first flight everything works fine. Can manipulate the mixture constantly with no issue. Once I close X-Plane and open it again, the mixture will crash the sim all over again. Just some food for thought.
  11. So for my first flight I used the standard wheel version, and it lasted about a half hour with no issues at all. However ever since that first flight manipulating the mixture causes the sim to crash for me. This is with all 3 variants. I'll move the mixture to max, and if I leave it there everything is fine. As soon as I go to move the mixture, the sim crashes and the log shows REP as the cause of the crash. I've gone and deleted the REP preference files for this plane, however the crashes persist. I have attached my log in the event that it is of any use. I have a couple other REP packages installed and they haven't caused me any trouble. Thanks in advance for any input. Log.txt
  12. deimos256

    Hour Meter

    Just purchased the Super and first off let me say that it's incredible! Something I have noticed though is the hour meter on the RPM indicator doesn't seem to register any time, unless the far right digit, colored white is for hours instead of tenths. No big deal it certainly doesn't detract from the rest of the plane, just thought I would ask. Thanks!