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  1. Rush

    Hello! We are Crashsite Development.

    Awesome! Hope you guys do well
  2. Hey Guys! Sorry for the delay. Basically I modeled the engine idle as a real back country cub is modeled. That is with the idle screw stop removed. This is typically done on experimental/owner built aircraft for back country flying. Basically the pilots want to be able to get as close to minimum thrust as possible to land the shortest they can. With the idle screw set at the typical manufactures setting, a power off descent might mean 1200RPM on the prop. Now that is from wind load, but the prop would still be producing a little thrust. Meaning a 100ft landing now is 110 feet, that could be the difference of being ON the sandbar or IN the river. So with the screw removed, or perhaps just wound in a few turns. Power off descents can now be accomplished at 800-1000RPM. This does mean, as you can experience in the simulator the engine will cut out on the ground if you are have not bumped the throttle up just a little. It means a little more work in the cockpit of course, but it does also mean you might be able to land on that sand bar. Or atleast have a better control over the descent when really trying to push the nose over some trees or obstacles. It is very I guess abnormal to have this behavior, there is not a manual that you can find that states this is an acceptable practice. But owners, and pilots can and have claimed that their idle screw "must have fallen out somehow" when quizzed by an aircraft inspector, when really its in the top drawer of their tool box. All in the name of those 10ft on roll out!!! For reference, here is an image of the offending screw! Next time I am out looking at an aircraft, Ill try and get some pictures of the real life throttle body! Hope that helps!
  3. Hey guys, its all LR I did a stream on this explaining all the problems, and yes Ive even sent everything to laminar. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/185155500 If you watch that video from 40th minute onwards, it covers ALL the problems with the current ground handling. The solution in the short term is to fly with no direct crosswinds above 10 knots. So pick another runway or turn any large winds off. I havent flow a Super Cub but I have flown in 5 difference tail draggers and taxiied around a lot more for work. So I am very aware as to how wrong the handling is in general. But I have been pretty straight forward with this, the documents that are attached to V1.04 outline there is a problem and we are not supporting XP11.10beta, its a use at your own risk. All because of the Laminar ground handling. The fix I am looking at right now is a helicopter tail rotor on the tail. Thats how bad it is. But there is nothing I can do until Laminar decide they want to fix it.
  4. Rush

    Sim Crashes using Mixture

    Hey guys Ill pass this onto SimCoders and see if they have any solution! Thanks for the log file Rush
  5. Rush

    Cannot Load Liveries

    Hey bminton! You are not alone, we have had several reports of this. The fix for this seems to be with Xplane. Another user had this same problem, the solution was to delete your entire plugin folder in xplane. Then run the laminar installer to reinstall the plugins directory. Yes it sounds like surgery, but it fixed the exact issue on 2 other systems in the last week. So its worth a try! Let us know if you still have the issue! Rush
  6. Hey jbijlsma What system are you currently running? Windows based or mac? We have received a few reports of FPS issues surrounding the cockpit area, so we have been working on a fix for that today actually! So there should be a new update very shortly that *hopefully* will fix the issue. The REP icons are a bug, and we have search hi and low for a problem. Its currently an issue on Lamiar's side, how it draws menus. The fix seems to be just load another livery, and it fixes itself. You can even go back to the livery you really want to fly. We bashed our head against the wall for months trying to find a solution on our end of the coding, but we just cant. Thanks for the report, we will hopefully have atleast some of those things fixed asap! Rush
  7. Version 1.0.1


    2K Texture Pack for the ASDG Super Cub! For all standard liveries and cockpit interior! Instructions included Rush
  8. Rush

    Hello guys

    Hey Chriz! Yeah you were not banned! I remember you from twitch chat! We just have to assign you a role in discord. Just jump back into discord with this link and one of us will see you and assign the role! https://discord.gg/8jpA3B4 Rush
  9. Rush

    ASDG Super Cub Paint Kit

    Version 1.0.0


    Here is the paint kit for the ASDG Super Cub! Layered Photoshop files are in the folder, as well as PNG's and exports! Good luck and have fun!
  10. Rush

    Sub Cub Desktop!

    Version 1.0.0


    Desktop background in 4K goodness
  11. Version 1.0.0


    The home of the Super Cub! Well one of the many homes. This is where my aviation career in Canada started. So it may as well be the unofficial starting place of the Super Cub our first Xplane release!
  12. Rush

    Alabeo C207 PBR Patch

    NO CABIN PBR? Garbage.
  13. Hey Patoln! There is indeed, thank you for spotting this! I will try and get these numbers a little more realistic. There are problems I have been finding with how Xplane calculates both Torque and EGT, so its hit and miss some times! But thank you for letting me know. Out of Curiosity was this in Xplane 10 or 11?
  14. Here is the plane! August 12-13 WILL BE BRIEFING! I will show you the equipment required, how to set it up, or atleast how I set it up. Then we will cover some basics on the flight computer and theory! August 19 -20 from around 10am USA Eastern Time we will be doing a Sim VFR session, where navigation will only be done from a real world Sectional chart and the use of a E6B Flight computer! I will cover the basic use of the E6B using a free/pay for no adds app Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=dao.DaoSoftware.FlightComputerSim&hl=en Apple: https://itunes.apple.com/ca/app/flight-computer-sim/id951334562?mt=8 Or you can use a real world E6B if you have one handy! The coverage area will be the Seattle Section Chart. That can be found here at http://www.aircraftspruce.com/catalog/pspages/vfrsectionalchart.php with the correct map number 8403SEA You will be able to use SkyVector and print of the required area as well if that works better for yourself. I however will be showing the flight and drawing out various flight plans onto this map directly! Have any questions, spam them here!
  15. View File Hawker 4000 XP11 Version one of the Hawker 4000 flight model for XP11! Submitter Rush Submitted 06/26/2017 Category Flight Models