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  1. Elios000

    Crashes X-plane 11

    Double check that you do not have any AI aircraft set. After that you should be able to go in to the maintenance log and fix the battery
  2. we have... the best thing to do is for users to en-mass file bug reports
  3. YES file bugs about tail dragger ground handling to LR! when the full beta of 11.20 hit we will see if its any better as they said it may be. But keep sending them bug reports about it!
  4. Yes this is a bug do to AI aircraft and should be fixed in the update coming soon.
  5. Known issue working on VR now the click spots will work fine with native VR once 11.20 is out.
  6. Elios000

    Fuel Tanks Left & Right

    We have a big update coming soon(TM) that should get everything working again. 11.10 also made some changes to the flight dynamics we had to fix along with adding some new stuff.
  7. it seems to be better in the latest beta 11.10R1 we are now working on a update for the cub for official 11.10 support.
  8. Elios000

    Systematic crash after a certain time

    Make sure you have AI aircraft turned off.
  9. Elios000


    You will get an email.
  10. No problem sorry we let you slip by so long.
  11. Will get this done in the next 24 hours or sooner you should get an email once it's reset.
  12. What name did you use on the ticket?
  13. It's planned for a future update.
  14. Elios000


    Yes it's in the zip file.