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About This File


This is a small aerobatic aircraft that has zero to none autopilot. Yes, I implemented the autopilot but it doesn't function well. This plane WILL not hold altitude, it loves climbing at a level attitude. Do not use this for cross country because you will regret it and have the worst flight ever. By all means, play around, do some aerobatic maneuvers, do some STOL takeoffs and landings and enjoy. The plane requires 30 seconds of holding the start buttons for the engines to turn on. You need to have the APU on which is on the overhead and turning on the APU generator.


This is my first ever plane I make using Planemaker. It's not the best and features a good 2D cockpit. Its an RC sized plane so it's quite fun to fly. It has an autopilot and GPS so you can use it for IFR and has fuel for 3 hours and 27 minutes. It can do aerobatic maneuvers and its hard to land cause it loves flying because of how light it is. It took me 2 days to make. It was originally gonna be a full-sized model but there was lack of documentation and blueprints on the model so it couldn't be up to scale.


Stall speed with dirty config: 73

Stall speed with clean config: 81

Single Engine Climb: 120

Cruise Speed: 260

Max Speed: 300

Cruise Mach: 0.39


Empty weight: 20lbs

Max weight with fuel: 120lbs

Thrust per engine: 60lbs


Hope you somewhat enjoy it. Again the first plane I ever make.



What's New in Version 1.2   See changelog


-Reduced Voltage on Battery loads due to battery shutting off due to overvolting.

-Removed bugged Generator Switch.

-Improved Autopilot Panel.

-Aligned master caution and warning lights on the dash.

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