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  2. Laminars are hosting a Live Q&A this Wednesday, I think it's high time to all them https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10155044390121283&id=339202526282
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  5. Unknown charge today from Xsolla

    Hiya @pedrodowd I'm glad to hear you managed to sort the issue. Please if you have any other problems, don't hesitate to contact us and if necessary create a support ticket and we'll get to you as soon as we possibly can.
  6. So the Intel i7-4790K is a very good chip for PC gaming and technically whatever you really need to do. The only issue with the 4790K is it likes to overheat a lot. I have found myself in the same boat. By default, the i7-4790K comes overclocked to 4.5GHZ which is okay except if you don't have a water cooler your technically screwed or you better get one fast. Even though if you have a water cooler, your still going to be running hot. I have found the solution & how to fix this issue. You probably don't know this but in your BIOS your settings for OC is most likely set to allow your pc to (AUTO) which will decide for you on what voltages to apply randomly which is DANGEROUS and you need to change that. You all probably know the more hotter your CPU is and stays it shortens it's life-span especially if it's over 80C. Before moving onto fixing this issue, please note, I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THE DAMAGE! Anyway how to fix this issue? I have attached a screenshot below so you can see my voltages etc. You may follow my settings but please be aware, I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGES. STEP 1: DO NOT USE THE INTEL(R) EXTREME TUNING UTILITY OR ANY OTHER 3RD PARTY OVERCLOCKING TOOL BECAUSE IT WILL HARM YOUR PC EVEN MORE. STEP 2: ONCE YOU FIND THE VOLTAGE YOU WANT WRITE IT DOWN, HOWEVER MAKE SURE IT'S CORRECT OTHERWISE YOU RISK DAMAGE TO YOUR CPU. STEP 3: ONCE YOU HAVE FOUND THE INFORMATION YOU NEED, RESTART YOUR PC & GO INTO THE BIOS OVERCLOCKING SETTINGS DIRECTLY. STEP 4: SAVE YOUR SETTINGS & RESTART YOUR PC. PERSONAL SETTINGS I USED ARE BELOW WHICH YOU MAY USE IF YOU WISH BUT REMEMBER, I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR DAMAGES TO YOUR CPU. - Disabled Turbo Boost - Changed the voltage settings from Auto to 1,21 V - Changed the CPU Core ratio to 44 (using the multiplier of 100 = 4.4 GHZ)
  7. Hello friend, please update for current xpl 11, big thx
  8. ASDG Super Cub

  9. YES file bugs about tail dragger ground handling to LR! when the full beta of 11.20 hit we will see if its any better as they said it may be. But keep sending them bug reports about it!
  10. Yes this is a bug do to AI aircraft and should be fixed in the update coming soon.
  11. It does that to me too if I have IA planes in X-Plane. By removing IA planes, I no longer have this crash problem with the ASDG Piper CUB when I use the walkaround button.
  12. When I try to do the walkaround, X-Plane crashes as soon as I hit the walkaround button.
  13. And another +1 I've installed some "experimental" pack which was included in the distribution package. The ground handling made me swear shall I revert to the default one? Shall we still file taildragger bugs to LR?
  14. It looks like the new model doesn't play nice with Carenado's XP11 update. Any chance the enhanced model will be updated?
  15. Unknown charge today from Xsolla

    My apologies! The Xsolla payment is for the twitch sub. The aerosimulations web site seems fine when accessed from a pc. From my iphone the page doesn't load correctly.
  16. Hi guys i’m a bit worried, I received a purchase confirmation for $35.93 from Xsolla today. I bought the cub on release I have purchased nothing else from the aerosimulation store since that time. When I went onto the aerosimulations web site it looks like it has been hacked with some sort of dodgy prize drawer. Can some one confirm that all is well and that my account details aren’t compromised!
  17. +1 for update Also, I can't three point land to save my life. I seem to run-out of elevator authority. I'm not sure if this is related to XP 11.10+ or not..
  18. I deleted the two lines referring to GNS in the acf file and the pop up works correctly with only the RXP 430 popping up.
  19. @Mirtma: The Super Cub has been modeled to kill the engine (cut off fuel) when the throttle is fully out and there is no airspeed to windmill the prop. They did that to achieve shorter landing rolls. There is a thread about this below...
  20. OK. Thank you for an answer about the battery. I did that. But "Start with the engine running" still doesn't work. When starting in an airplane, propeller turns few times and stopped.
  21. On the REP tools, on the maintenance sheet, disconnects the battery after the flight. And for the next flight, connect again the battery. Between flights, the battery discharge : it is modelized...
  22. Every time I load Super Cub with options "start with engines running" it's engine stop after few seconds. And batteries are empty almost every time. Is that on purpose?
  23. Hello, do you have an ETA on this ?
  24. I just installed the config for the ASDG super cub and the garmin appears correctly. When I click on the screen both the RXP GNS430 and the XP default GNS 430 pop up. Any way that this can be prevented. It only occurs with the ASDG super cub, all of the other aircraft work properly.
  25. Known issue working on VR now the click spots will work fine with native VR once 11.20 is out.
  26. Good evening everyone, I find that when I am using the Oculus Rift with the FlyInside I have no click spots. The Super Cub is the only third party plane that does not have click spots using VR. I don't know if it is the plane or FlyInside that is at fault, but as I said all my other planes both default and payware have useable click spots. Does anyone else have this problem? If not will there be an update that will allow the use of click spots. Thanks for all considerations, Donald E. Donovan wb5okj
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