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  4. Same problem. REP buttons scaled off often. Sometimes the change of liveries helped, but now always. Random crashes. Mostly when I click on side buttons. I have Xplane 11.5, GTX 1060 6Gb, 16 Gb RAM.
  5. Crash on startup

    I opened a support ticket on the AeroSimulations site. After a few suggestions from them, problem solved by turning off 3 AI flights! Go figure.
  6. I just installed the 11.10b3 and the Windows Fall Creators Update. Since then, not a single crash. Framerates with everything maxed out exept for shadows, texture quality set to High and no anti aliasing i fly around with 38 Frames on average in 4K resolution. Such a great plane!
  7. Last week
  8. Well, I am having the issues I described above even with my video card only using 1.3 GB VRAM. I also don't have any sliders on max
  9. OK I figured that might be the issue also you can set your textures to HIGH on the slider and that will help as well.
  10. Fuel Tanks Left & Right

    Thank you for working with us on this and please continue to let us know if you find any other bugs!
  11. I've got the GTX770 with only 2GB VRAM so I've installed the 2K texture pack so it doesn't run out of VRAM.
  12. FF757 - XP11 PBR Mod

    Version 1.0


    Finally we see the Flight Factor 757 in all its XP11 Glory! ***This mod is a combination of my recent fix for the Flight Factor removing the XP10 reflections from the aircraft and my mod of this mod! Things I improved on as well as fixes to the FF757 -Found a way to Remove XP10 Reflections from aircraft -Toned down reflections to match the real world aircraft -Custom wing reflections on center wing only / Added a dull effect to rest of wing parts -Removed reflections from Fan Blades and Cone -Added Custom DARK Fan Texture ENJOY ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS Step 1. Move the file from: \X-Plane 11\Aircraft\Boeing757-200\plugins\X-Reflections\resources -TO- D:\X-Plane 11\Aircraft\Boeing757-200\plugins\X-Reflections Step 2. Copy the file "objects" included in this file to: \X-Plane 11\Aircraft\Boeing757-200 ---DONT FORGET TO BACKUP YOUR ORIGINAL "Objects" FOLDER in your 757---
  13. Fuel Tanks Left & Right

    Thank you Elios000, you don't have to reply, but 11.05 really wasn't as stable or should have been considered stable as it introduced many other issues, such as shadows, for instance try the DreamFoil Bell 407 and you will see what I mean. There were other issues introduced in 11.05 as well that forced me to roll back to 11.02 in hopes that 11.10 would fix them. However, in its current beta status or progress it isn't even playable on my system. I normally see a steady 30fps on my system with moderate settings. In 11.10 I saw 4fps. I will continue to test the beta copy and put my input in, but 11.05 brought its own issues and enough of them that I would far from call it a stable version. I do however understand what you are saying as what the devs have to consider a point to program from. I will drop my bug reports and hope that others catch them. But please be aware that at the $42 pay point, one would expect this to be a little more polished and ready to roll! I do very much love the Piper and look forward to you guys getting all the bugs worked out! Much appreciated, Johnny
  14. What GPU do you have Karl1206?
  15. Fuel Tanks Left & Right

    11.05 is the current stable version of X-plane 11. The current version of the Cub had some fixes for 11.10 beta users which added some new bugs like the swapped float levels.
  16. Fuel Tanks Left & Right

    I'm using 11.02, is that the same for us? Thx Johnny
  17. Ill get with our devs and try and get one posted.
  18. Eliso000 do you have a published list of known bugs I can refer to so I stop posting things I find? Johnny
  19. Fuel Tanks Left & Right

    It popped up with fixing the fuel level floats for 11.10
  20. This is a known bug we are working to fix.
  21. When hitting the ALT selector on the transponder it puts the transponder into STBY mode. Hitting the ON button then puts it into ALT mode. This is not correct as far as I know. Thanks, Johnny
  22. Fuel Tanks Left & Right

    Is this something that is happening to everyone or just certain configurations? Wondering how it slipped thru beta? Johnny
  23. C72 - The home of the super cub

    Version 2.0.0


    Requires CDB Lib R2 Lib Mr X Lib IDSG Lib (to get it just have installed any of their sceneries) (Probably Im missing ohter scenery libraries so if thats the case just download all from the master library list)
  24. Crash on startup

    Remove all files from the plugins folder
  25. Crash on startup

    All the C++ files were already up to date. CRASH.
  26. Cannot Load Liveries

    Thank you for your reply. I have submitted a support ticket. Bob
  27. Cannot Load Liveries

    Hi Bminton, Since this issue is still going on, Please submit a support ticket here If you are still having the same issues, One of the agents will take a look for you. Thank you!
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