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    RealityXP GTN 650/750 - Released








    Hey Everyone,

    Reality XP has announced the release of their GTN 650/750 trainer for X-Plane! The GTN 750/650 offers the ultimate glass cockpit experience. Utilizing the real life Garmin GTN 750/650 trainer you will get a realistic experience comparing close to the real world counterpart.

    Currently the GTN750 and GTN650 plugins are X-Plane 32bit only. The 64bit version and FSX/P3D version are both currently in progress.


    Purchase & Download

    Reality-XP.com GTN 650 - $49.95 

    Reality-XP.com GTN 750 - $49.95 


    Additional Information

    With GTN 650/750's revolutionary touchscreen interface, you're rarely more than 2 taps away from all of the system's primary functions! The intuitive touchscreen controls and large display give you unprecedented access to high-resolution terrain mapping, graphical flight planning, geo-referenced charting, advanced navigation and more.


    See More than Every Before

    With a wealth of multifunction display capabilities, the GTN brings enhanced situational awareness to your cockpit. With high-resolution terrain mapping — including topography features, cities, airports, terminal areas, SUAs and more — and user selectable Class A or B TAWS alerting, you’ll safely find your way around sectional-like airspace depiction,with convenient altitude limits right on the moving map.

    Our simulation is compatible with the latest Garmin trainer software, which comes with database updated in July 2016.


    Navigate with Ease

    Graphical flight planning capabilities allow you to preview your entire route on the map screen and easily enter new waypoints or modify existing ones. A handy "rubber band" feature lets you grab any leg of your flight plan route and move it to accommodate a deviation to your flight plan.

    The GTN also allows you to enter your most recently visited or nearest airports as waypoints and “Direct To” destinations.


    Enhanced Integration

    The GTN can control the simulator audio panel (GTN 750 only) as well as the transponder, with working IDENT and REPLY annunciations. This setup could save you up to 3-inch of panel space versus a typical GNS 430/530 install.

    In addition, precise course deviation and roll steering outputs can be coupled to the simulator autopilot so that IFR flight procedures may be flown automatically. This includes all ARINC 424 leg types, including NextGen radius-to-fix (RF) legs.


    Screenshots & Media



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