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    FSFX Packages Chaseplane Announced

    FSFX Packages have just announced their new product: Chase Plane. A newly designed camera add-on. Fresh from the live stream you can find some interesting previews below. From creating new cameras, saving changes, affecting how certain factors like turbulence affects you among many other things. Cloud storage for all your presets, a new cinematic mode to just get some beautiful views and an alpha expected in early November…
    For full details, you can watch the full live stream on their Youtube channel found below.

    XCrafts Releases V2 of the Embraer E-175

    Hey everyone,
    Looks like XCrafts has released V2 of their Embraer E-175. This update comes with a plethora of new features and looks very promising at being a solid addon for X-Plane. You can find more information on this addon below including a link on where to purchase it and a short features list.
    Purchase & Download
    X-Plane.org Store - $39.99 or $5 upgrade price from previous version
    Additional Information
    The Embraer E-175 is a narrow-body medium-range twin-engine airliner produced by Brazilian company Embraer ©. With a capacity of approx. 80 seats, the E-175 aims to bridge the gap between regional jets and larger airliners. With 371 delivered airplanes, the E175 is the second most popular E-Jet in the world. X-Crafts‘ goal from the beginning was to create a great high quality add-on that would be very interesting for both, the hardcore simmers as well as new flightsim users out there!
    The new improved version 2.0 brings many features and functions that will push this product to an even higher level! Read the full description to see what’s new.
    IMPORTANT: If you own the previous version of the E175 (version 1), you can get this new version for only $5. Please email sales@x-plane.org to get your discount code and include you original order number. This is a huge upgrade, not a small update. Certainly worth more than $5
    Accurate dimensions based on drawings and documentation provided by Embraer ©
    Windows, Mac and Linux compatible
    Custom TEKTON FMS© by Steve Wilson
    Custom pushback plugin with animated tug
    On-screen checklist plugin
    Plugin menu for door control, ground objects or GPU
    Tested by a real Embraer E175 pilot
    Suitable for beginners - Just load and fly within seconds!
    Great for advanced users -Enjoy the complexity of the Custom FMS!
    TEKTON FMS© (More details  below)
    Both the custom and stock FMS are available on the pedestal or as popup panels
    Amazing 3D modeling of cockpit and cabin
    High resolution textures
    High resolution Embraer style PFD, MFD, EICAS displays
    Pop-up screens, pop-up radios and FMS panels
    MFD with 8 synoptic pages
    High resolution textures on panels - Text is crisp and clear with any rendering options
    Intuitive cockpit manipulation - I have always taken great care to make the cockpit as easy to use as possible. This means all clickable areas in the cockpit are very big so that you can easily click on any button, knob or lever in the cockpit
    Each switch, lever, knob, and handle is animated
    Detailed cockpit lighting - All cockpit lights are controllable
    Cargo area modeled
    HUD equipped
    4K High resolution textures (fuselage 10000px/meter squared)
    Highly detailed landing gears, Flap and speedbrake mechanisms
    Realistic Wingflex animation
    2 versions of winglets available
    Pilots in external view
    All doors are animated and controllable from the plugin menu
    Compatible with UFMC, X-FMC
    Compatible with JAR's Ground Handling Deluxe
    New exterior night lighting. You can now operate any of the following lights: NAV, Strobe, Beacon, Left/Nose/Right landing lights, Side/Nose taxi lights, Inspection lights, Logo lights. All lights including Nav and Strobe lights cast light on the surroundings.
    Audible Alert System
    Custom sounds
    TEKTON FMS© Features:
    Custom MCDU Interface:
    SID, ROUTE and STAR waypoint lists are treated as separate editable items
    Color keyed data presentation
    Scratchpad data entry
    Interactive feedback
    Direct Keyboard Entry (DKE)
    Procedures Enhanced for V2.0:
    SIDS and STARS from X-Plane stock or third party custom data
    New: Altitude constraints for procedures
    New: Refined procedures leg routing
    New: More flexible STAR element selection
    New: Default visual departure and approach
    New : Edit and reload STAR while enroute while in autopilot
    Ability to easily edit SIDs, Routes, STARS and the loaded FLT PLAN
    New AIRWAYS options:
    New Progress Monitoring on two new pages
    New Performance Flight Planning:
    New PERF 1 page providing preflight and takeoff data
    New PERF 2 page allowing route fuel planning
    New PERF 3 page for approach data
    New Audible Alert System
    Additional Features:
    New FMS reset function
    New: Simplified manual waypoint altitude entry
    File Load and Save for ROUTE waypoints
    New: FLT PLAN page now automatically advances with destination waypoint
    8.33mhz tunable radios
    Comprehensive Status Page
    Easy to navigate paging system from a master index.
    The stock X-Plane MCDU is also provided as a backup for less experienced users.
    Screenshots & Media

    Flight1 GNS 530/430 Released - FSX/P3D

    Hey everyone,
    For those of you that use FSX and P3D you'll be glad to hear that Flight1 has released their version of the GNS 530/430. The Flight1 GNS are nearly identical to their real-world counterparts and will make a great addition to trainers that add it.
    Purchase and Download
    Flight1.com - $49.99 for FSX
    Flight1.com - $69.95 for P3D
    Additional Information
    The Flight1 Software GNS series gauges are nearly identical to their real-world counterparts. 
    Smooth Framerate Performance - The GNS Avionics Series is a step above other avionics packages out there, in that it doesn't use FSX/P3D internal processes to hinder simulation performance. All avionics data structures, calculations, and processes are done on its own using external processes that are separate from FSX. This allows your simulation experience to run smoother and have minimal frame rate or VAS impact overall. Each GNS series gauge features a high-contrast color display that makes it easy to read and interpret pilot-critical information. Quickly and easily see your position realtive to ground features, navaids, flight plan routings, approach procedures and more. Built-in terrain and navigation databases provide a clear, concise picture of where you are and where you're heading. The navigation database contains location reference for airports, VORs, NDBs, Intersections, Special Use Airspace and more. A detailed basemap shows airports, cities, highways, railroads, rivers, lakes, coastlines, and more. Using information from the built-in terrain and U.S. obstacles databases, the GNS series gauges dispaly color coding to graphicaly aleart you when proximity conflicts loom ahead. Full WAAS Approach Support to fly LPV Glideslope Approaches Terrain Proximity Warnings and Terrain Awareness and Warning System (TAWS) alerting Easy-to-use GNS Series Gauge Configuration Utility Quick Access GNS Stack Gauge Controller Full COM/NAV Receiver Integration Pixel by Pixel Accuracy To Real World Avionics Nearly a full representation of the 430/530 avionics systems are included when comparing to real-world counterpart Plus Much More  
    Up to two GNS 430 and two GNS 530 gauges can be installed and configured in each aircraft using the easy to use GNS Series Gauge Configuration utility. Each GNS series gauge supports full autopilot intergration and the ability to fly WAAS approaches. In addition, each gauge supports seperate flight plans and you are able to switch flight plan navigation sources between gauges. Cross-fill support between GNS series gauges is supported for radio frequencies, NAV/GPS indicator and more (cross-fill support of flight plan data is not currently supported). 
    The GNS Series Gauge Configuration utility makes it fast and easy to install your new GNS series gauges. In addition, it will automatically scan Flight Simulator for any aicraft that are configured for Reality-XP GNS series gauges and provide you with a way to automatically replace the Reality-XP GNS GNS gauges wth our Flight1 Software GNS series gauges. This allows you to quickly and seamlessly update your Reality-XP GNS-equipped aircraft with our new gauges!
    Screenshots & Media

    Immersive Audio 737NGX - Released

    Hey everyone,
    Immersion Audio has released their Cockpit sound immersion pack and from the sounds in the video it is amazing. If you are an avid flyer of the 737 you will defiantly want to check this one out!
    Purchase & Download
    simMarket.com - EUR 10.70
    Additional Information
    Immersive Audio proudly presents the NGX Cockpit Sound Immersion, the most comprehensive high-definition soundpack ever produced for PMDG NGX, and possibly for any addon airplane to date.
    All sounds are recorded in the real 737 cockpit, carefully processed and extensively tested to provide the highest possible sound quality, realism, authenticity and immersion.
    All sounds are true STEREO.
    Soundpack includes:
    - All Switches (238 sounds)
    - All Levers (47 sounds)
    - GPWS Callouts (15 sounds)
    - Authentic Cockpit Ambience, Packs, Circuit Breakers, APU, Standby Instruments, Chime, Trim Wheel
    Total: Over 300 new sounds.
    The soundpack is compatible with all NGX models (600/700/800/900), both FSX/P3D.

    NOTE: Sound quality may be reduced in the promotional video due to video compression.
    Screenshots & Media

    RealityXP GTN 650/750 - Released

    Hey Everyone,
    Reality XP has announced the release of their GTN 650/750 trainer for X-Plane! The GTN 750/650 offers the ultimate glass cockpit experience. Utilizing the real life Garmin GTN 750/650 trainer you will get a realistic experience comparing close to the real world counterpart.
    Currently the GTN750 and GTN650 plugins are X-Plane 32bit only. The 64bit version and FSX/P3D version are both currently in progress.
    Purchase & Download
    Reality-XP.com GTN 650 - $49.95 
    Reality-XP.com GTN 750 - $49.95 
    Additional Information
    With GTN 650/750's revolutionary touchscreen interface, you're rarely more than 2 taps away from all of the system's primary functions! The intuitive touchscreen controls and large display give you unprecedented access to high-resolution terrain mapping, graphical flight planning, geo-referenced charting, advanced navigation and more.
    See More than Every Before
    With a wealth of multifunction display capabilities, the GTN brings enhanced situational awareness to your cockpit. With high-resolution terrain mapping — including topography features, cities, airports, terminal areas, SUAs and more — and user selectable Class A or B TAWS alerting, you’ll safely find your way around sectional-like airspace depiction,with convenient altitude limits right on the moving map.
    Our simulation is compatible with the latest Garmin trainer software, which comes with database updated in July 2016.
    Navigate with Ease
    Graphical flight planning capabilities allow you to preview your entire route on the map screen and easily enter new waypoints or modify existing ones. A handy "rubber band" feature lets you grab any leg of your flight plan route and move it to accommodate a deviation to your flight plan.
    The GTN also allows you to enter your most recently visited or nearest airports as waypoints and “Direct To” destinations.
    Enhanced Integration
    The GTN can control the simulator audio panel (GTN 750 only) as well as the transponder, with working IDENT and REPLY annunciations. This setup could save you up to 3-inch of panel space versus a typical GNS 430/530 install.
    In addition, precise course deviation and roll steering outputs can be coupled to the simulator autopilot so that IFR flight procedures may be flown automatically. This includes all ARINC 424 leg types, including NextGen radius-to-fix (RF) legs.
    Screenshots & Media

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